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New Club Twitter Feed

The Club now have a Club Twitter feed which is aimed for quickly updating membership on any last-minute changes to club training, club events or a short notification of current Club Communications.  Follow on Twitter: @ShropshireShuf2 to keep yourself quickly updated on on Club matters.

Monday's Training meet at the Winter Meeting Point:

Quarry Blue Gates - adjacent to the War Memorial.

Club Dinner Dance and Awards Night - Fri 08 Nov 2019

Email invites were resent out to ALL membership 26 Sep 2019 circa 6pm; check your spam if not receavied.  All responses need to be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you need annother invite send then please email Memberships at the following email address to request one:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Club Kit 

Details on how to order our new Club Kit is at this link here


Join Us On Facebook

Join Us on Facebook

Join Us

We are happy for prospective members to try us out for up to 3 training sessions for free, after that they need to either pay their joining subscription fees to become paid up Club members to continue training with us or stop attending if they feel we are not for them.  To try us out just look up what training we supply under the Training/Events Header and turn up (no booking or pre-notice required) - just remember to let the Run Leader know (at the start when introductions are made) that you are new and just trying out the Training Session and Club before deciding to join or not.

Who can join?

Anyone over 18 years old can join the Shropshire Shufflers. 16/17 year olds can train with the Shufflers but they must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


How To Join The Club

Single membership costs £20 per year (joining fee of £5 paid when you first apply or re-apply if your membership lapses)


Family membership £35 (all residing at the same address and a joining fee of £5 paid when you first apply or re-apply if your membership lapses)

If you want an EA Competition Licence to enable you to enter races with the affiliated club discount please tick the box. The fee for the licence is now £16 annually.

The Club Membership Subscription Year:

-  The Club Year starts  on the 1 January and renewal of the annual club membership subscription shall also fall due on that date.
-  Club Membership Subscriptions must be paid no later than 1 February each year.
-  Membership who have not paid their Club Subscriptions by 1st February will be deemed to have lapsed and have their Club Membership rescinded.  They may rejoin after this date but as a new Member which incurs a £5 joining fee.
-  Any Persons joining after 1 October in any one year, will be exempt from paying any further subscription until December 31 of the following year.

Some Tips when joining:

   -  Some mobile devices, especially mobile phones, can cause a security conflict and cause your joining process to fail. Try using a PC/Laptop when initially joining.

   - Please have your payment details ready when joining; the process only allows a 20min window to complete the process (including payment) after which it will time out and your joining process will fail.

   - When paying Pay Pal has a better track record for a smooth joining process; you can still pay by debit/credit card but historically there have been more previous issues with this method of payment and could increase the likelihood of your joining process to fail.


If your joining process fails, then do not worry.  The process will not let you try to join again. An email alert is sent to our Membership Committee Member, Rick Garcia to notify him of the failed attempt to join (this can take up to 45 mins for the system to generate).  Depending on the time of day when this happens Rick Garcia will respond back to you with a solution (normally by the next working day or by the end of the Weekend).

To Join the Shropshire Shufflers, please click below which will take you to our LoveAdmin online payment site:


Once you have joined you will get a confirmation email from LoveAdmin that your payment has gone through and then from our Membership Secretary be sent a couple of Welcome emails, some Club Information and details of any other current Club Notices; please check your spam if you have not received these by the end of the next working day. 



If you experience any other joining issues please contact Rick Garcia - at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Rick will get back to you normally within the next working day).