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At the coaches' meeting last night several safety related items were discussed,
Firstly, headphones, these are not allowed on club training sessions as they impede your hearing traffic, coaches' instructions and other Shufflers being sociable, please leave them at home!
One of the groups tried a test recently by putting runners wearing different coloured vests in the shade, yellow and white ones could be seen but the pink ones became invisible. Worth bearing in mind next time you buy a new top, safety is more important than fashion (there's a provocative statement!) Best of all is to have one of the slip-over, yellow, reflective, mesh type vests that don't really add an extra layer of warmth.
Some of the Monday training groups have been too large recently whilst others have been much smaller. The maximum group numbers should not be over 20 runners so if a coach asks you to join another group, please co-operate as much as you can, it means we can all get away quicker with less hanging around waiting for groups to be sorted.