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COVID-19 Nov Lockdown Update! - Club Training is suspended until circa 02 Dec 2020 - and dependant on then COVID restrictions.

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Club Committee.

To submit your photo for the next club virtual group photo please use the below link to email it to the Club Membership Secretary by end of Nov 2020
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Due to COVID-19 Attingham Relays is now a Virtual Event that can be run from 15 Jun to 30 Sep 2020

New Club Twitter Feed  The Club now have a Club Twitter feed which is aimed for quickly updating membership on any last-minute changes to club training, club events or a short notification of current Club Communications.  Follow on Twitter: @ShropshireShuf2 to keep yourself quickly updated on on Club matters.

Monday's Training meet at the Summer Meeting Point:

North side of the Quarry Bandstand

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Q - Who is eligible? 

A - Every club member is eligible and entered.

Q – What is the Club Championships year?

A – The Club Championships is held annually over the running season starting 01 November and ending on the following 31 October with prizes for the Best Male and Female awarded at the Club Awards Evening held towards the end of the year. You can look up the results going back as far as 2008 below.

Q – What events make up the Club Championships? 

A – Events that make up the Championships have slightly varied in the past; currently there are 5 race categories that count towards the Club Championships - they are any Official Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and 5K timed races to count; with the Annual Shropshire Cross Country (ASXC) race, held around January of each year, makes up the 5th race category. 

Q – What gets recorded?

A – We want your best efforts to count so we use your recorded Chip or Net time for the Club Championships. parkruns do count for 5K but note that this will only give you a Gun time to count. You can run each race category as many times as you want but it’s your best time for each race category that gets recorded to count on the Club Championships List.

Q – How does it get worked out?

A – Race category times are given a score with the best 4 scores out of the possible 5 race categories counted towards the Club Championships which are then awarded to the highest scoring Male and Female Club Member.

Q – How does my time get recorded in the Club Championships List?

A – Members are mainly responsible for submitting their best race category times to the Championships Coordinator by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and provide their name along with their Race Date, Time and Event Name (for verification reasons); also sending a link or screenshot image of the Official Posted Time is useful for providing as supporting evidence. On larger events the Championships Coordinator will download the race results and filter those recorded as "Shufflers" to bulk update Club Championships list with members’ best times.

Q – How does my time get scored?

A – Your recorded time is adjusted according to your age using a WMA Table which is then given a percentage score according to a set comparative race time for that race category.

Q – What is WMA?

A - WAMA stands for World Masters Athletics. This is a table that has been worked out by Boffins to make a comparison measure of an athlete’s performance across any given age thus allowing a 60 year old to compete with a 30 year old. The older you are the greater the percentage your time is reduced by. There is a different table for Male and Female for each race category.

Q – Where do you get a comparative race time from? 

A – A comparative race time is taken fastest Male and Female Club Records for the 5K, 10K 13.1 & 26.2 and the 1st Male and Female will be used for the ASXC event. 

Q – Where can I check the latest Club Championship Listings?

A – A running results list is regularly published on the Shufflers Facebook "News" page; this is a closed group that Shufflers are advised to join. Also the list is refreshed towards the end of each month in the Shropshire Shufflers Championships Web Page.