Updated March 2023
All our road sessions (Monday and Wednesday evenings and Thursday, Friday and Sunday mornings) are non-bookable so members can just turn up and run with the groups provided. Our Thursday track sessions remain bookable to manage the numbers of runners on the track.

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Club Kit

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About Us

As one of the largest Running Clubs in the West Midlands region, we have grown massively over the years. It is important to our members to celebrate our beginnings, and to honor those who have helped support the club over its years. In all the updates and transitions, we have worked to maintaining the same ethos that brought the club int being.



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Way back in January 1981, Ron and Wendy Morgan went about forming a fun running club – and the Shropshire Shufflers was born. They first invited Keith and Chris Ivison to join them. Keith was made Chairman and with his strong leadership abilities the running began. The club grew steadily in strength, now having a membership of over 700. wp0454d708 06The Shropshire Shufflers are affiliated to Shropshire and Midland Counties AA for road running, cross country and fell running. The club provides marshals at local events including the Seven Bridges Race
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42Find out about who to contact in regard to the different areas of the club's organisation. Here you will find all the emails of committee and non-committee roles 43Connect with the local community or take advantage of some club discounts agreed with local business. Here you will also find hand links to local support and fitness related connections.
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44In the early years, we started a scrapbook. Here you can see how the club has been an integral part of the local running community. Do you have some images you would like to add to the scrapbook? Let us know. 45Peek at our gallery of images. There are plenty of images to see and you will recognise a face or two from your trips around the town. If you would like to add a photo to the album, then let us know.


The Shropshire Shufflers Running Club supports the promotion of all aspects of running and the encouragement of all to participate, irrespective of their ability and/or experience.

The Club supports Governing Body recommendations, where they are relevant to the activities of The Shropshire Shufflers Running Club

The Club opposes:-

Any behaviour by its members which is likely to adversely affect the health or well being of any athlete
Any behaviour which is likely to have an adverse effect on the name and reputation of the Club
Any form of cheating or effort to gain unfair advantage over fellow competitors at whatever level, in particular taking of any performance enhancing substances.