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Updated March 2023
All our road sessions (Monday and Wednesday evenings and Thursday, Friday and Sunday mornings) are non-bookable so members can just turn up and run with the groups provided. Our Thursday track sessions remain bookable to manage the numbers of runners on the track.

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Club Kit

Shropshire Shufflers T Shirt Front v1.0

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Shropshire Shufflers Vest Front v1.0
£24.00 each

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Long Sleeve
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Joma Running


Coaches Corner

Coaching Team

Our coaching team consists of Run Leaders and Coaches of various levels. This team is represented by a Coaching Team consisting of 5 people. The Coach Co-ordinator is acts as the committee contact for the Team. and as such has a seat on the committee.

The team consists of: 
John Short (Co-ordinator); Chris Whiteley; Debbie Armstrong; Bob Turner and Norman Titley

Here you will find updates and details in relation to Coaching with the Club




All club coaches, at all levels in their coaching journey must read and understand the club documents used in the leading, assessing and reporting on sessions that they hold. If you have any questions relating to the documents, then please contact a member of the Coaching Team

Incident Form Risk Assesment Risk Assesment 19. Off Road RA RL Guide

Club Incident Form | Club TRACK Risk Assessment | Club ROAD Risk Assessment | Club OFF-ROAD Risk AssessmentClub Run Leaders Guide

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