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Updated March 2023
All our road sessions (Monday and Wednesday evenings and Thursday, Friday and Sunday mornings) are non-bookable so members can just turn up and run with the groups provided. Our Thursday track sessions remain bookable to manage the numbers of runners on the track.

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Club Kit

Shropshire Shufflers T Shirt Front v1.0

£26.40 each
Shropshire Shufflers Vest Front v1.0
£24.00 each

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Errea Philip
Zip Hoodie
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Nike Dri-FIT
Long Sleeve
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Nike Team
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Joma Running

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In this section you will find all our guides to help you with various activities within the club environment.

If you feel that there is a subject you would like guidance on, that does not appear here, then let us know.  We will try to produce enough guides for you to enjoy your running with the club

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Alternative Runs Guidance Club Championships Guidance Beginners 10K Route



Constitution Committee Structure

Here you will find the links to the club Constitution and Club Policy. For transparency we also include a copy of the latest AGM and Committee meeting minutes. 

If you would like to have something brought for discussion at the committee meetings, then get in touch. Send your suggestions through to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AGM & Committee Meeting Minutes 

 Meeting Minutes




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