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Updated November 2022
From January 2023 all our road running sessions will return to being non-booked runs. Track sessions on Thursday evening will continue to need to be booked. We offer road sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings and on Thursday, Friday and Sunday mornings. Take care, stay safe and keep others safe.

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Club Kit

Shropshire Shufflers T Shirt Front v1.0

£26.40 each
Shropshire Shufflers Vest Front v1.0
£24.00 each

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Errea Philip
Zip Hoodie
15341 C735 P0 Rf7abe 0x300
Nike Dri-FIT
Long Sleeve
22218 C735 P0 Rf7abe 0x300
Nike Team
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Joma Running


The Shropshire Shuffler

Twice a year, the club produces a magazine for its members called "the Shropshire Shuffler". It’s a great read in the bath, flicking through the pages, after a particularly tough run. 

Spring/Summer normally arrives on your doorstep between May – June, with the Autumn/Winter edition landing around October or November time.

We post a hard copy to all our members to their registered address unless they tell us not too. If you wish to receive a PDF version, and reduce your carbon footprint, then email the membership secretary. 

Packed with articles and photos from club members and relevant experts, you will find a good mix of life as a runner, coach, leader, and shuffler.

We are always looking for fun and wacky articles, so please speak to Helen Grime or Graham Evans with your ideas. Perhaps you would like to help, support, or join the editorial team?

Get in touch via email -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cover of "The Shropshire Shuffler AW21"

You can also see all the editions online at or through the issuu app, search for shuffler.

2021 05 16 2  Shuffle aw20  Shuffle ss20  Shuffle aw19  Shuffle ss19  Shuffle aw18  Shuffle ss18  

Shuffle aw17  Shuffle ss17  Shuffle aw16  Shuffle ss16 Shuffle aw15