Updated: 19 July 2021

From Monday 19th July (unless there are further changes to guidelines from the Government or English Athletics) we will be operating an updated timetable, if we have sufficient run leaders available. 

Details of Times and Locations can be found here

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The News Updates

Here you will find all our latest news. This is periodically updated to show the latest advice, guidance and instructions. This currently includes COVID-19 updates.

Please keep checking back as there will be other news updates throughout the year

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 19/07/21 - Working towards normality

As we approach another change in Covid restriction levels on the 19th July we are all being asked to consider more our personal responsibilities alongside a very sharp rise in Covid related infections. For our club that means that we need to start working towards a normal running programme but one that demonstrates that we are acting responsibly towards runners, run leaders and the public that we meet whilst running. Many of our runners, run leaders and indeed members of public have been taking covid safety precautions for many months and some will still need to do so.

So, we are opening up again slowly and continuing with some changes like smaller groups (but at fifteen not six runners) and a booking system, so we know and can manage numbers at our meeting places. We will review these again after six weeks to see how far we can get back to our old open sessions and larger numbers.

So, from Monday 19th July (unless there are further changes to guidelines from the Government or English Athletics) we will be operating the an updated timetable, if we have sufficient run leaders available

News Icon28/02/21 - Return of athletics and running roadmap

Updated: 24 February 2021

England Athletics have confirmed that clubs, groups, coaching and competition will be able to return outdoors from 29 March. There is a roadmap detailing what the various stages are, on the website.

Each Stage has been outlined via an infographic available. 

Please note, all these dates are subject to the UK Government’s four-step roadmap to ease restrictions across England and the conditions which must be met before the country is able to move from one step to the next.

We would like to remind members that these are NOT BEFORE dates and ask that you continue to follow club guidance to activity


News Icon15/01/21 - National Lockdown Enforcements

Following the UK Government’s announcement on Monday 4 January of a new national lockdown, regrettably our guidance for athletics and running must reflect these enforced Covid-19 restrictions across England.
As a result of everyone being required to stay at home, except for specific purposes as outlined by the UK Government’s guidance, the impact on our sport includes the following with immediate effect and until further notice:
  • The suspension of all face-to-face indoor and outdoor club / group activity.
  • The suspension of all indoor track and field competitions.
  • The suspension of all outdoor competitions including track and field, cross country, road, trail, fell and multi-terrain running.
  • The suspension of all face-to-face coaches’ and officials’ education.
  • The suspension of any other face-to-face club / group training sessions, events, athlete camps, running groups or other social events as well as club committee or other meetings.
  • Indoor gyms and facilities will remain closed.

This means that the club’s formal running sessions are now: SUSPENDED


CV update logo05/11/20 - England Athletics Lobby attempt

I just wanted to confirm that, despite some lobbying by England Athletics, the current lockdown rules mean we must curtail Shufflers training nights until at least 2nd December. Hopefully the four week hiatus will be enough to reduce covid infections and we'll be able to resume our running programme. In the meantime, I hope you can still find the time and space to run and, stay safe everyone.

Covid1902/06/20 - Update from England Athletics

Following the government's changes to the lockdown restrictions, England Athletics issued updated advice for runners on 1st June.

The new regulations specify that the maximum number of people who can meet in England is six. England Athletics advice is that groups can now comprise six athletes or five athletes plus a coach, provided distancing is observed. A risk assessment must also be in place for the club's insurance to be valid.
The committee met online this evening (2nd June) and concluded that we are not able to write a risk assessment which might sensibly allow us to offer our regular club meets at this point. We have no realistic means of controlling numbers attending and pre- and post-training gatherings are specifically not permitted at this time. These reasons and a lack of control over what might be happening at the locations we use for runs means that we do not believe that club sessions can be guaranteed to fall within the regulations. As such, the Shufflers Monday, Wednesday, and Daytime sessions normally held at various venues across Shrewsbury will remain suspended until the regulations are further relaxed.
The committee have concluded that a resumption of track sessions may be possible. However, the track is currently closed and so they will not restart yet. Once we can gain access to the track, we will need to review the track risk assessment and tailor it to our own needs. For that reason, the Thursday track sessions also remain suspended currently.
The best we can suggest is that you organise your own private meetups. Please keep within the regulations; currently groups of 6 in England can run together (observing social distancing) but please be mindful that regulations in Wales may differ. These meetups cannot be considered club runs and so we suggest you do not wear club colours. We'd also ask you to be considerate of where and when you choose to run, following the crowded scenes that have taken place at some of the local beauty spots like the Wrekin and Church Stretton. If you are running around Shrewsbury, we would ask that you stick to paths that are wide enough for your group to pass others safely and considerately.
The committee hope you can continue to enjoy your running and very much look forward to the time we can hold a proper club meet again.