Updated: 19 July 2021

From Monday 19th July (unless there are further changes to guidelines from the Government or English Athletics) we will be operating an updated timetable, if we have sufficient run leaders available. 

Details of Times and Locations can be found here

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At the Shropshire Shufflers we provide several running and training nights. We are a Road Running Club and use Track Training to improve specific aspects of our running. Over recent years we have increase our participation in other discipline such as Trail/Hill Running and Cross Country. Find out more about these in our Events Sections



EA Covid thumb Hill Running
19Please check current guidelines before participating in any running activity. The club is following the direct instructions released by England Athletics during the current pandemic. 2During the summer months we hold specific event training, from Hill Running techniques to a Beginners Group for complete novice runners. You will find a strong community of support.
thumb Road Running thumb Attingham Park
3We offer Road Running and can normally be seen on the mornings and evenings of many days, on the streets of Shrewsbury. Take part in Road Races in the UK and across the world. 4We use out Track Training to work on technique, posture, and race fitness. With three distinct levels of training taking place by qualified coaches and a regular timed 5km.


Covid-19 Update - 19th July 2021

Working towards normality

As we approach another change in Covid restriction levels on the 19th July we are all being asked to consider more our personal responsibilities alongside a very sharp rise in Covid related infections. For our club that means that we need to start working towards a normal running programme but one that demonstrates that we are acting responsibly towards runners, run leaders and the public that we meet whilst running. Many of our runners, run leaders and indeed members of public have been taking covid safety precautions for many months and some will still need to do so.

So, we are opening up again slowly and continuing with some changes like smaller groups (but at fifteen not six runners) and a booking system, so we know and can manage numbers at our meeting places. We will review these again after six weeks to see how far we can get back to our old open sessions and larger numbers.

So, from Monday 19th July (unless there are further changes to guidelines from the Government or English Athletics) we will be operating an updated timetable, if we have sufficient run leaders available

Training Times / Meeting Points



Top of the Quarry
underneath the
Boer war memorial



Back of Shirehall
adjacent to
Preston Street



Doctors' monument
Greyfriars bridge



London Road
Sports Centre
main entrance



Doctors' monument
Greyfriars bridge

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Please note that all training currently requires advanced BOOKING