Updated: 24 February 2021

England Athletics have confirmed that clubs, groups, coaching and competition will be able to return outdoors from 29 March. There is a roadmap detailing what the various stages are, on the website.

Each Stage has been outlined via an infographic available. 

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We arrange routes and timings based on the below criteria. Use these as a guide to the right group for you, based on your ability or what sort of run you wish to join.


The next Beginners Group will hopefully start - end of Apr or start of May 2021

It will run weekly, teaching new runners how to warm up and run correctly and avoid injury, different running drills and exercises, ending with proper cool downs.
The group will increase its distance on a very gradual basis, through 5k until the group, alongside many other club runners, will complete a measured Beginners 10k in August.
Its open to complete novices and all we ask is that people wear suitable sports clothing and footwear and bring some water with them.
Walk / Jog

Our Walk/Jog Group is ideal for people who are returning to running, can run for short periods and those taking it easy. The group looks to cover between 3,5 and 4.5 miles in an hour session

Improvers Runners that can run for an hour, with intermittent stops fit into our Fundamentals (previously Improvers) Group, and will normally cover between 4.5 and 5.5 miles in an hour session. This is group is for people progressing from the beginners group and ideally for those looking to improve their running and build up to an hours running
Intermediates Comfortable at covering an hour of constant running? Then get involved with the Foundation (previously Intermediate) Group, and you will normally cover between 5.5 and 6.5 miles in an hour session
High Ability We suggest that the Events (previously Higher Ability) Group is best suited to experienced runners who are comfortable at covering over 6.5 miles in an hour session.

Be aware that the ability grouping is a guide, and will depend on the conditions, runners taking part and the planned route/session being led. Distances can therefore vary to the leader's adaption on the night.