Following the UK Government’s decision on Monday 4 January of a new national lockdown, regrettably our guidance for athletics and running must reflect these enforced Covid-19 restrictions across England.

This means that the club’s formal running sessions are now:


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Club Kit

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4Track Training

You can join up to three sessions for free, after that you need to either pay your joining subscription fees to become paid up Club members to continue training with us or stop attending if you feel we are not for you  To try us out just look up what training we supply under the Training Header and turn up (no booking or pre-notice required) - just remember to let the Run Leader know (at the start of the session when introductions are made) that you are new and just trying out the Training Session and Club before deciding to join or not

Road Running is held on a Monday / Wednesday at 7.00pm, and Thursday / Friday at 9.30am


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36We adopt the local track for specific training to improve technique, ability, and injury prevention. With Fartlek, Tempo, and Interval training, we measure improvements over 8-week blocks 9All of out session plans are created by Fully Licenced UKA Coaches. These sessions are delivered by coaches and leaders. Working on a varied plan of activities, designed to build your endurance capability.
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38Drills are an important part of training to improve running technique and increase efficiency. During our sessions, you will find drills form a fundamental part of our sessions and injury prevention 39We look at all aspects that support the development of our runners, and this includes the overall Mobility of the members. We use several mobility and coordination exercises to increase running capability.